Recruiting Realities

As a student-athlete and a connoisseur of the sporting play, one often dreams of taking their love of the game to that next level. Know and learn what you can do to be ahead in the college recruiting process alongside a former college coach and athletic director who has been in your shoes.

At your upcoming Zoom virtual event with Jack Renkens of Recruiting Realities, get ready for the real truth to get you on the right path. Please find the attached informative invite to forward to your coaches, parents and student-athletes. If they have not already done so, please inform your parents and student-athletes to sign up here: http://bit.ly/3traWd7


"WHAT IS RECRUITING REALITIES?" line_1.png A presentation by Jack Renkens to student-athletes, their families and coaches that runs approximately 45 minutes. Jack's been helping High School coaches and Athletic Directors for more than 30 years, empowering their student-athletes by revealing the real process behind college recruiting. "HOW DOES JACK KNOW?" line_1.png Experience. Jack has coached at the high school, junior college and college level (including 3 NCAA National Tournament Berths). His personal experiences as a coach recruiting his players, as an athletic director and as a parent are what set Jack apart. "WHAT'S IN IT FOR OUR STUDENTS?" line_1.png Reality. Jack knows that more of your kids CAN play in college with a scholarship if they understand their options. Every spring Jack gets lists of open scholarships at all divisions looking for seniors. "WHAT'S IN IT FOR OUR COACHES?" line_1.png Relief. Jack's talk takes the heat off you and your staff, by smashing those recruiting myths and exposing the reality that students must rely on themselves, and NOT on their coaches. "NEW RECRUITING GUIDELINES" line_1.png You will learn about all the revised Recruiting Guidelines on phone contact, paid visits, home visits, evaluation periods, etc.  WANT TO KNOW MORE? line_1.png See for yourself! We've included a link to a TV interview and other video samples on our website of Jack speaking at an event. Take a few minutes and we think you'll agree that Jack can inform your families, help your coaches and deliver the truth about playing sports all with honesty, humor and impact.


View more videoclips at: www.recruitingrealities.com