AVID 9 Elective Teachers:

Mrs. Rebecca Cahill rcahill@nbtschools.org

Mr. Will Ojeda wojeda@nbtschools.org

AVID 10 Elective Teachers:

Mrs. Erica Vargas evargas@nbtschools.org

Mr. Dan Gorzynski dgorzynski@nbtschools.org

AVID 11 Elective Teachers:

Ms. Alex Mattos amattos@nbtschools.org

Mrs. Juana Salcedo jsalcedo@nbtschools.org

AVID 12 Elective Teacher:

Mrs. Dina Fleming dfleming@nbtschools.org

AVID District Director:

Mrs. Rachael Darge rdarge@nbtscchools.org

AVID Site Coordinator:

Mrs. Rachael Darge rdarge@nbtscchools.org

AVID School Counselors:

Rachael Darge rdarge@nbtschools.org

Allison Sadowski asadowski@nbtschools.org 

AVID Principal:

Mr. Mike Kneller mkneller@nbtschools.org

AVID Administrator:

Mr. Lou Emanuel lemanuel@nbtschools.org

AVID Trained Staff:

Mrs. Kari Aloisio, Math Supervisor

Mr. Kevin Farrell, Director of Guidance

Mr. Carmine Genovese, Learning Center

Mr. Brian Harris, Math

Mrs. Cathy McCarthy, English

Mr. Tom Strouse, Science

Mr. Andy Kindler, Learning Center

Mrs. Melissa Piniero, Social Studies

Mrs. Sarah Ruffino, Mathematics

Mr. Frank Williams, English


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What is AVID?

AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is an academic support system that accelerates student learning and prepares students for success in four-year universities.

AVID places academically average students in advanced classes to ensure that they are achieving at the highest level of academic success possible.

AVID focuses on the most rigorous possible curriculum and aligns with the Common Core Standards.

AVID offers tutoring, college and career exploration, mentoring and opportunities for leadership development.

AVID is for students who are serious about succeeding in school and who want to make a productive contribution to society.

Who is an AVID Student?

AVID students are students in the academic middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path with support. These students often are not realizing their full potential academically.

NBTHS has adopted the goal of identifying these students and helping them to realize their full potential. Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year we have created a new AVID elective course for students beginning in Grade 9 and designed to provide them with the support necessary to effectively prepare them for admittance to a 4 year college or university upon graduation.

How do I become a part of AVID?

The NBTHS AVID Site Team has adopted a set of guidelines to identify students. Admittance into this course is through a four-step process which includes an application, review of grades, conduct, and attendance, individual interview, and group interview which takes place in the spring of a student's 8th-grade year. Students who transfer to NBTHS and were a part of AVID in their previous school may join AVID pending an interview.