Summer 2022

Working papers are available in the Guidance office Monday-Thursday 8 am-2 pm. The office is closed between 12-1 pm for lunch. You can pick up blank copies and drop off working papers to be completed during those hours. Please make sure that sections A, B, and C are all filled out completely and correctly (read directions thoroughly).  If you are a student from another school (i.e. St. Thomas  Aquinas,  Immaculata, etc.)  we will need a copy of your Birth Certificate attached to the working paper when returned for completion. In Section E, please put your last grade completed. In Section F, please be sure and sign where it says “Signature of Minor." Working Papers that are incomplete cannot be processed and this may delay your intended work start date. NBTHS is the last stop in the process; everything before the final section must be completed before we can issue the finalized papers. Any questions, please email: or