At NBTHS our RISE program is rooted strongly in PBSIS (Positive Behavior Supports in School). As a school community we believe in rewarding students who display the positive behavior characteristics we wish to instill in them, which are:





In 2013-2014 NBTHS was recognized as a Showcase School by Rutgers University. We continue to be one of the largest high schools in the state to embark on an ambitious program to recognize positive student behavior.

Parents and Community Members: click the links for more information on PBSIS RISE and RISE Informational Brochure .

Students: The RISE bins have been moved to a permanent location in front of the school store. Please check these new wood boxes for available prizes and put in your tickets for a chance to win! Remember our positive behavior can serve as a positive example to others. WE ARE NORTH BRUNSWICK!!

If you missed our RISE assemblies on 10/25/16, click the link below to view the presentation and learn more about why RISE is important at NBTHS!
Click here for the RISE Presentation


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or Facebook at R.I.S.E. We Are North Brunswick

The PBSIS committee is always seeking donations of incentives to reward our students. If you are a business owner, or know of a business owner who would like to support our program, please contact either Mrs. Suzan Ezdinli-Palazzo, Assistant Principal (732)289-3700 ext. 73026 or Mrs. Van Langen, Supervisor or the Learning Center at ext. 73042.

On May 6, 2016 Bladimiar Norman, a 1996 Graduate of NBTHS came back to speak about his experiences of working in the film industry to over 100 students. He achieved his dream of working in Hollywood through hard work, persistence, determination, and never taking "NO" for an answer. He impressed this same message onto our students as they look forward to graduation and their futures!


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