AP Literature and Composition

The goals of the AP Literature and Composition course are multifarious, taking into account both the pragmatic concerns of improving student writing and the more affective areas of understanding and appreciating literature as both an art which seeks to convey truth and beauty and a craft which is created by adherence to the writing process.   Students will learn to recognize and interpret the themes, concepts, and issues that appear in all great literature. An emphasis will be placed on the development of a love of reading and writing as a source of pleasure and a means to continue education. Students will engage with literature in a manner that has relevance to their lives allowing the insights, thoughts and opinions that they develop about said literature to be significant and meaningful.

These goals can best be met through a survey of literature that is multicultural, variegated, and significant.  Reading literature written by and about women and non-western authors will demonstrate that literature is part of our common humanity.  Exposure to various genres will encourage creative and independent thought.  And as the interests and talents of both students and teachers change, so too the literature read in this course must expand.  Thus, concerns about multiculturalism and learning styles will be addressed.

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