As a student enrolled in this class, you will be expected to adhere to the following:


  1. You will be respectful to your teacher, your classmates and other visitors to the room, as well as, classmates property, the classroom and the equipment located within. If it is determined that you are not being respectful, expect to visit your Assistant Principal.


  2. Actively participate in all classroom activities/discussions and use your class time wisely. Effort matters, participate.


  3. BE HERE and BE ON TIME!


  4. If you bring food in, make sure you clean it up and put trash in the receptacle. Beverages MUST have a sealable cap. If I have to clean up after you, you may not be allowed to bring food and drink in any longer.


  5. You are expected to work in a SAFE, neat, orderly manner.  Anyone who creates a safety hazard (for people or equipment) will be disciplined with the potential of REMOVAL from the course.


  6. YOU are responsible for all work and make up, by the DUE DATE.  You are responsible for your work. If you are absent, it is your duty to see me about what you missed.


  7. You are expected to work to your fullest capacity.


  8. The results you derive from the course are proportionate to what you put into it.  Effort matters.



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