College Prep IV
Welcome Back!

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to a new school year at North Brunswick Township High School! My name is Mrs. Smith and I will be your child’s CP IV English teacher this year. I am truly excited about the upcoming year and I look forward to a delightful and productive school year. Please know that I am always available to answer questions or to provide your child with extra help (by appointment only). You may also feel free to contact me at

The focus of CP English IV is Themes Across Literature. Students will read literary works from all genres, nonfiction contemporary literature, and classical world literature in order to analyze themes. Additionally, students will complete writing assignments (creative pieces, reaction papers, and critical analyses) that will be a major component of this course. Furthermore, in preparation for college students will also develop competency in public speaking skills, vocabulary development, listening, viewing, and researching. Students are expected to keep up with assignments, readings, and are responsible for bringing necessary materials to class.

*High school level literature often explores sophisticated issues (i.e., race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, sexual violence, and violence). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or my supervisor, Dr. Ellis.*

Required Texts:
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Hamlet, Fences
Antigone, A Streetcar Named Desire, Independent Reading Choice (Disgrace, Bastard Out of Carolina, Black Boy)

Progress Report Calculations: 
All progress report and interim averages will be calculated based on the following criteria:
Test 25% Homework/Classwork (includes participation) 20%
Quizzes 20% Projects & Writing 35%

Tests (25%)
Tests are given on average, every 2-3 weeks. If absent on test days, you will have the amount of days you were absent to make-up the exam.
Test supplies, such as pencils, pens and/or paper are required in order for you to prepared.

Homework & Classwork (20%)
Homework must have a proper heading in the left hand corner (your name, date, class, HW’#) and be clear to read. If given handwritten homework and your writing is sloppy then type your homework. If an assignment is typed, please double-space, use one-inch margins, 12-point font in Times New Roman. 
Homework is due on time and will not be accepted late if unexcused. For larger projects and papers ten points will be deducted for every day the assignment is late, I will no longer accept the assignment after three days past the due date. 
When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up missed homework, and get class notes. It is suggested that you get the number of a classmate to keep up with assignments.
In order to receive full credit for classwork you need to: a.) Complete any in class assignments. 
b.) Read handouts and prepare to discuss them. c.) Actively pay attention to any videos or movies shown. 
d.) Appropriately participate in any group work or assignments.
In addition, you are a member of the classroom community. As a member you will have the following responsibilities: a) Please arrive to class on time; any student arriving after the late bell will be marked as late. Four lates can result in detention or suspension. b) Remove all hats and headphones, and turn off all cell phones before walking into the classroom. Keep all cell phones, iPods, etc. out of sight unless authorized. c) The bathroom pass is to be used only when it is absolutely necessary. There is a three person bathroom limit per class, please ask wisely.

Quizzes (20%)
Quizzes are generally given on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Quizzes may or may not be announced.
Quizzes are based on homework assignments or previous class discussions; be prepared. 

Projects & Writing (35%)
Projects and/or writing assignments are usually given at the end of a unit. Projects will be done individually or in groups. 
Projects and writing assignments are worth a significant amount of your grade. You are strongly encouraged to put your best effort forward when completing these assignments. All projects and writing assignments will be handed out to you with a rubric. Please adhere to the rubric in order to be successful.
When completing group projects you may be graded as a group, or as a group and individually. 

Make-Up Assignments: 
I follow the school regulations regarding makeup work. If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, be prepared to take the test or quiz the first day you return. The work must be made up during your lunch, study hall or otherwise free period. If you are absent on the day of a group presentation, the group will present to the best of their ability and an alternative assignment may be required from the absent member. When you return to school from your absence please make sure you speak with me after class. Once again, it is your responsibility to check with me and to complete any makeup work. 

These are the tools that you will need to be prepared for class each day. Please make sure that you come prepared to work with the proper tools needed to complete assignments and participate in class discussion.
Binder – We will be taking notes on a regular basis. You should have a section of your binder with paper designated for this class. Furthermore, your binder should be split into three sections notes, vocabulary, and homework. Periodic notebook checks may take place throughout the semester!
Pens – Please come prepared with at least two blue or black pens for writing in this class. Work will not be accepted if written in any other color. (You may bring highlighters or colored pens for annotating and highlighting.)
Folder – You will need a folder to place handouts that you receive during class and any papers or tests that are graded and returned back to you. I hand out a lot of handouts so please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit my classroom, schedule a conference, you can feel free to contact me at I look forward to working with your child and meeting you soon. Let’s work together to ensure your child’s success!