Classroom Procedures and Expectations


1. Be Present (Important Note: please refer to pages 19-20 on Student/Parent Handbook regarding Attendance and Tardiness).

  • Being present is vital for you to pass the class.

  • If you are absent, you are responsible for making up all work missed.

  • You must come see the teacher the next day you are in school to ask about work missed.

  • If you missed a test or quiz, you must schedule a time with the teacher to take the test/quiz.

  • It’s recommended that you contact a classmate for notes, and other instructions you missed.

2. Be on Time (Important Note: please refer to pages 19-20 on Student/Parent Handbook regarding Attendance and Tardiness).

  • If you are late to class walk in quietly and follow what the class in doing.

  • If you are late without a pass, you will be marked “Late Unexcused”.

  • After four “Late Unexcused” you will be referred to your class dean for consequence.

3. Cell Phones/Headphones

  • Your cell phones must be put away from your desks.

  • Cell Phones are only permitted for academic use, when the teacher indicates it. Repeated warnings about cell phones  will result in a referral.

  • Headphones must be off your ears at all time.

4. Passes

  • Passes will only be issued after you have completed your “Do Now”.

  • You must have your Handbook/Agenda, write the time, where you are going, and have the teacher sign it.

  • You must also fill out the Log on my desk for security purposes every time you leave the room.

  • Passes will only be given to the bathroom or the nurse.

  • Excessive use of passes will result in the teaching your parent and/or class dean.

Classroom Procedures:

1. Daily Routines

  • Find your seat and quietly start “Do Now” immediately.

  • Refrain from interruptions.

  • Follow directions.

  • Turn in your work if collected.

  • Make sure to copy down homework if given.

  • Quietly organize your belongings at the end of class and leave classroom clean and organize.

2. Rules

  • RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Name calling, pushing/pulling, or any form of disrespect will not be tolerated.

  • Demonstrate a cooperative attitude and contribute to the learning process of the class.

  • Use ONLY academic language..

  • Listen carefully and follow the directions the first time they are given.

  • Listen when others are talking. Eyes on the speaker.

  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

  • Keep in mind discipline consequences stated on your Student Handbook.

3. Grading

  • Please refer to proficiencies for all evaluation procedures.

4. Plagiarism

  • You are discouraged from using  Google Translate as it is not an accurate dictionary for language learning

  • If you copy from another student, both students will receive a “zero”

  • Any type of plagiarism/cheating will result in a “zero”

  • Please refer to Student Handbook for Plagiarism policies and consequences.

5. Homework

  • A minimum of two homework per week will be given

  • Late homework will not be accepted

  • Homework is given to reinforce skill learned or to introduce a new skill, it is very important that students complete it when assigned

  • Homework is 10% of student’s grade (please refer to proficiencies).