Ruggiero, Rosella

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Period 2: CP Italian II room 574

Period 4: CP German II room 573

Period 5: CP German II room 573

Period 6: CP Italian II room 574

Period 7: Study Hall room 580

Period 8: CP German II room 573

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If you don't know yet, whether German is for you, here are some facts about German that might help you make your decision:

  • 120,000,000 people (a fourth of the population) in the European Union have German as their mother tongue. 38% say they can converse in German.
  • More Americans (25%) can trace their ancestry to Germany than to any other country.
  • 56 majors require or recommend German
  • More than 1,100 companies from German speaking countries have subsidiaries in the US.
  • German is the most commonly used language on the internet after English.
  • Germany was ranked #3 in world power by Newsweek (December 2003) and is the most important trading partner for almost all European and many non-European partners.



Here are a few of the many good reasons to choose Italian . . .

Communication Skills: In many careers and free-time activities, you will find it beneficial to communicate with people who are native Italian speakers. In any realm of business, it always pays to know the client's language. Italian instruction also encourages you to think about important details of language usage, which may not have occurred to you before, thereby improving your writing and speaking skills in English as well.

Travel: To travel to Italy and experience the essence of Italian culture, knowledge of the Italian language is essential. Don't get stuck on all-American 5-day tours of a continent! They only skim the surface and show you what someone else thinks you should see. To truly get to know Italy it takes more time and, above all, Italian language skills.

Jobs in Business: As more and more businesses are "going global" by opening offices throughout the world, knowledge of Italian is an increasingly important asset when applying for jobs. The increased multilingualism of society here in the US also calls for college graduates with Italian skills.

Jobs in Government: In the fields of diplomacy and trade, the federal government is always seeking qualified applicants with Italian language skills. If you see international conferences and negotiations in your future, you'd better learn one or more languages now.

Research: No matter the area of specialization, knowledge of Italian is not only helpful, but also often necessary for academic, business, or social research. Translations are not always correct or even available.

Art and Culture: No matter how good the translation, inevitably some meaning is lost in the process. Therefore, to fully appreciate the richness of Italian literature, theater, opera, and films, knowledge of the language is essential. Other aspects of Italy's culture are also best appreciated by those who can speak and understand Italian. How could you, for example, savor a gourmet Italian meal in a Tuscan restaurant if you couldn't read the menu?

Self-Fulfillment: Learning Italian is a big accomplishment which brings with it great satisfaction and added confidence. In addition, immersion in a foreign culture can open whole new avenues of self-exploration and personal growth.

Intellectual Stimulation: Learning Italian enhances your skills in analyzing, discussing, and categorizing information and ideas.

Broaden your horizons . . . study Italian!


(my children years ago at Fontana di Trevi and the Roman Forum in Rome)



Dear students,

  1. I believe in you.
  2. I trust in you.
  3. I know you can handle life’s situations.
  4. You are listened to.
  5. You are cared for.
  6. You are very important to me.


Frau / Signora Ruggiero