AP European History

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AP European History

Couse Description, Reading Assignments and Lecture Outlines

Terms and Names

Writing Rubrics

Christianity PP

The High Middle Ages PP

DBQ Lesson 1

The Decline of the Roman Catholic Church PP 

The Hundred Years War PP

The Black Death PP

Medieval Art and Architecture PP 

The Renaissance: Why Italy PP 

Main Ideals of the Renaissance PP

Renaissance Art PP

Renaissance Family Life PP

The Northern Renaissance PP

The New Monarchies PP

Comprative Theology of the Protestant Reformation PP

Catholic Revival and Reform PP

The Opening of the Atlantic PP

Effects of the Meeting of Two Worlds PP

Changing Social Structure PP

The Religious Wars PP

The Dutch Commercial Republic PP

The Age of Crisis PP

Absolute Monarchs Political Campaign

The Scientific View of the World PP

Social Stucture of the Old Regime

The Dynamic Economy of the 18th century

Diplomacy and War

Elite and Popular Culture

Enlightenment Thought

Enlightened Despotism

Causes of the French Revolution

The Liberal Phase

The Radical Phase

The Rise of Napoleon

Napoleonic Warfare

Industrial Society and the Struggle for Reform

Industrialization on the Continent

Social Effects and Responses to Industrialization

The Congress of Vienna and the Concert of Europe

Restoration and Reaction

Revolutions and Reform

Realism and Materialism

National Unification

Other Nation Building Efforts

Third Marking Period Reading Guide

Third Marking Period Project

The Second Industrial Revolution


Mass Society

Mass Politics

Modern Ideas

The Avant-Garde in the Arts

The Causes of World War I

Fighting on the Fronts

Organizing for Total War

The Treaty of Versailles

The Russian Revolution: Importance and Causes

The March Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Third Marking Period Project

An Uncertain Peace

The Great Depression


The Interwar Period

The Road to World War II

World War II

Mobilization on the Homefronts and the Holocaust

The Cold War

The USSR: Superpower to Collapse

Eastern Europe

Western Europe

Contemporary European Society and Culture

Fourth Marking Period Assignment