Classroom Rules and Procedures

As soon as you walk through that door…
  • Sit in your assigned seat and take out the required materials for class (binder, paper, pen or pencil, book, etc.). You must bring these materials to every class. If you fail to do so, your participation grade for the day will be reduced.
  • Please remain quiet as I take attendance.
  • Begin working on the Haz Ahora activity displayed on the projector, or posted on the board. If you complete the activity before the time is up, please be silent or work on one of the extra credit activities assigned for the month.
If you are tardy.
  • Sign the tardy log by the door.
  • If you have a pass place it in the green basket on my desk.
  • Quietly go to your seat and pick up where the class is. Please do not interrupt the class, if you believe it is strictly necessary to speak to me in regards to your tardiness, do so at the end of the class.
  • SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!!! :) 
  • You can earn up to 10 participation points everyday. Points are based on your behavior in class, preparedness (bring all your required materials), and participation in all class activities.  
  • If you forget your materials (book, paper, pen or pencil, etc) you will get a maximum of 3 points deducted.
Cellphones in the classroom
  • Cellphone usage is restricted for academic purposes ONLY.
  • When taking a quiz/test, you must keep your phone in your book bag not in your pocket.NO EXCEPTIONS
When homework is assigned ……
  • COMPLETE IT :).  You must include your name, date, and period.
  • Homework will not be assigned every night, but it will be assigned often. Late homeworkwill not be accepted.
  • If a written activity is assigned, please turned it in on the appropriate tray assigned for your class.
  • If you did not complete your homework L …. Get a yellow sheet from the “forms” binder. Fill it and turn it in on the appropriate tray assigned for your class.
Where you absent?
  • It is your responsibility to catch up with missed work and to check the district homework website for any homework assigned the date you were not in class. An absence is NOT an excuse to miss a previously scheduled test/quiz. If you are going on a field trip or if you know you will be absent, please talk to me before the day of the scheduled test/quiz.
  • Did you miss the intro to a new unit and need the notes? … check the “where you absent?” binder assigned for your class for your packet. Make sure to fill out the pink form attached to the packet and return it to me.
  • It is your responsibility to check the binder upon your return to class. There could also be handouts or important information given in class when you were absent.
  • Did you make a poor choice and decided to cut class?  … you will NOT be allowed to make up any test/quiz or any other graded activity for that day.
Extra credit opportunities
  • Every month you will have three or four extra credit opportunities. They must be turned in before the end of the month (no exceptions)
  • You may not work on them at home. You must work on them when you finish your class work early
  • When you earn extra credit points you will be provided with a coupon. Write your name on it and hand it in with the work that you will want the extra credit to be added to.
  • Extra credit cannot be used for incomplete homework.  
Request to Retake
  • You will be given two opportunities within the school year to retake a test or a quiz. Choose wisely!! :)
  • You can find the Request to Retake form in the “forms” binder and at the teacher’s website.
Rules and Procedures for in class projects
  • Projects are to be completed in class ONLY. If you take it home your grade will drop 10 points.
  • Ample time will be provided to you to prepare a project and to complete it in class.
  • Projects are due at the end of class on the date specified unless otherwise stated.
  • Late projects will be accepted but there will be a 10 point deduction for each day the project is late. Late projects will not be accepted after five consecutive school days from the deadline
  • You may not use extra credit points for late projects.
IF you need to leave the classroom: 
  • You must have your agenda filled out and signed to leave the classroom. Before you leave write the date, your destination, and time. Bring your agenda to Ms. Nuñez for her signature.
  • I might turn down your request to use a pass (specially during a quiz, test, etc.)
  • There is not a limit to the number of passes out you have each marking period, but please be REASONABLE. If I notice you are abusing your passes, you will no longer be allowed to leave the classroom.
  • Before you leave please write your name, date, and destination on the “Out of the classroom” sheet located by the door.
Before you leave the class for the day …
  • The bell does not dismiss you from class. Señorita Núñez will dismiss you from class J  
  • You may not line up at the door
  • Check your area to make sure you have not left anything behind.