Nogueira, Karina

Welcome to Ms. Nogueira's Homepage
732-289-3700 MB
My name is Ms. Nogueira or Ms. N. I am teaching CP Algebra 1 Part One, CP Algebra 1, and CP Geometry for the 2015-2016 school year. The following is my schedule with the rooms you can find me during the school day if you have an emergency and need to see me.
Pd 1: CP Algebra I Part One (room 915) 
Pd 2: Comm. (room 711)
Pd 3: CP Algebra I (room 915)
Pd 4: CP Geometry (room915)
Pd 5: CP Geometry (room 915)
Pd 6: CP Algebra I Part One (room 915)
Pd 7: Freshman Academy Duty (room 867)
Pd 8: Prep (room 711)
I quickly respond to emails rather than voicemails due to the accessibility.
  Extra help afterschool is by appointment only.
I am also available during period 7  for extra help (please speak to me prior to coming).