Molina, Gracelyn

Mrs. Molina's
Photography Classes

My name is Mrs. Molina and I am happy to be teaching this studio-based course this year. We will be focusing digital photography/digital imaging. My goal for students will be that they learn how to use their digital camera, learn technical fundamentals, and develop a creative eye. Students will focus on experimental techniques relating to both realistic and abstract images.
We will cover the basic elements of design and composition. Assignments will explore and reinforce artistic possibilities as a means of self-expression. Students will be taught work flow, file types, resolution, image size, editing, color correction, and other techniques used to improve and prepare their images for displaying their work digitally or for the school's art gallery (web/print).
Note for all students/parents:
  • Donate props/items to help stock the photo studio:
    1. Any donations are welcome. Some examples of items needed for photoshoots could include fabric for backdrops, costume jewelry, vases, compact mirrors, small items, scarves, hats, make-up, wigs, costumes, fake flowers, old chair, old lamp, sea shells, glass beads, old rug, etc. 
    2. Students are asked to bring items for any photoshoot from home. Items from home that you may not want to use for photoshoot but do not want to donate can be stored in the cubbies or closets in classroom until photoshoot is over.
  • Ongoing Homework assignment for new and all students:
    Read letter for parents.
    Read Behavioral Agreement, sign, and return.
  • Daily practice composition/techniques taught in class.