Common Core Support I - IV

5 Credits  - All Year

Grades 9-12  

Course Description:

Common Core Support is a small group class designed to improve basic reading and writing skills for Grade 9-12 students. The content of the course consists of required instruction and individualization necessary to improve student success in their core class. This program also includes various types of literature, which students will read and analyze for content and context. The course targets writing skills necessary for success in core classes. Standardized and teacher-made assessments will measure growth.


  1. Construct evidence based responses
    1. explaining central idea or theme

    2. using appropriating supporting details to develop the analysis

  2. Respond to written text

    1. read and extract key ideas

    2. respond in formal essay format

    3. adhere to standard conventions of English

  3. Revise and Edit for:

    1. content/organization

      1. central focus

      2. relevant supporting details

      3. use of transitions and other devices to ensure cohesiveness

    2. sentence construction

      1. subordination/coordination
      2. sentence fragments and run-on sentences

      3. sentence combining

      4. additional words to complete meaning

    3. usage

      1. verbs (tense/agreement)

      2. pronouns (number/agreement)

      3. parallel structure

      4. correct modifiers

      5. mechanics
      1. spelling

      2. punctuation

      3. capitalization

    Narrative reading & Nonfiction texts
    1. recognize for theme or central idea

    2. recognize details that develop or support the main idea

    3. extrapolate information and/or follow directions

    4. paraphrase, retell, or interpret words, phrases, or sentences from the text

    5. recognize organizational structure of the text
    6. recognize a purpose for reading

    7. make tentative predictions of meaning

    8. interpret textual conventions and literary elements

  4. Open-ended questions

    1. task construction

      1. reflect student’s synthesis and application of the reading passage(s) to the project task

      2. plan development

        1. focus - reflects student’s synthesis and application of the reading passage(s) to the project task

        2. organization - reflect student’s structure and sequence of ideas

      3. language use

        1. sentence structure - reflects students use and variation of sentence structure

        2. word choice - reflects student’s use of vocabulary and supports topic

        3. language conventions - reflects student’s knowledge and application of grammar, mechanics, and usage rules

        4. Evaluation Process

Marking periods grades will be determined by:

CCS Assessments: 60%

Completion of  Core Assignments: 40%