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Online Textbook Resources:Includes online self quizzes, audio downloads, online flashcards, chapter links and much more. Just use the chapter home pull down in the top left corner and choose the chapter that we are working on.

Flipcards Study Guide



PBS's The Great War - Use this link to access PBS's interactive map and trace the outbreak of WWI and the devastating battles that took place. Explore the rest of the site to find timelines, videos, primary source materials and much more!

Trench Warfare Simulation Game - Play this game to understand why trench warfare was a flawed battle strategy and why it was so devastating.


Imperialism Study Guide - Reasons for U.S. Expansion/Platt Amendment/Foraker Act/Treaty of Paris 1898/Monroe Doctrine/Dollar Diplomacy/Moral Diplomacy/Panama Canal/Emilio Aguinaldo/John Hay/Open Door Notes/Causes and Results of the Spanish-American War/ DeLome Letter/Boxer Rebellion/Jose Marti/U.S.S. Maine/Protectorate/

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