Kindler, Andrew

Mr. Andrew Kindler - Learning Center 

This page is for students and parents that are enrolled in -
Replacement English I 
CP English IV (w/ J. Beaugris)  
CP English IV - Myths and Monsters (w/ R. Rouantree
AVID 10 
Study Skills


Before School (Every day from 7:00 - 7:30)
During Lunch (* Both A and B lunch)  

After School (Tuesday - Friday 2:15 - 3:30) * Appointment must be made the day before.   

Contact - please email me at  Please indicate in your message if you would like to meet in person or be contacted over the phone.  

Assignments - all assignments are posted on Google Classroom websites that are specific to each class.  All students are required to join their respective Google Classroom sites so they always have access to assignments and due dates.  In addition, Remind! will also be used as a means to remind students of upcoming assignments (parents can request to join Remind! as well if they would like to receive updates).  

Google Classroom - Sign Up
You can join your child's Google Classroom home page by using the following class codes:
CP ENG IV - Period 1 w/ J. Beaugris: klxgdi 
CP ENG IV - Period 7 w/ J. Beaugris: j01w8zh
CP ENG IV M&M - Period 3 w/ R. Rouantree: q2n6nhk 
CP ENG I - Period 8: 6w134k
AVID 10 - Period 6: 9uccbkt
Study Skills - Period 2: 2yo4s81

* Please contact me if you are having difficulty joining a Google Classroom page.