Senior Health

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Course Description:
This course provides an opportunity for students to develop and clarify knowledge and
attitudes necessary to make mature decisions in today’s society. Common problems that one
may face at various stages of the life cycle are presented and discussed.
Relationships/dating, date rape, domestic violence, pregnancy and childbirth, drugs as it
pertains to senior health topics, responsible decision-making , and future planning for the
lifestyle of choice are some of the topics that will be covered.
Course Requirements:
As seniors you MUST pass this course in order to graduate with a score of 65% of higher.
Senior health is only offered during the 2
the option to pay a fee to take an online course. (This would cost the student a few hundred
I require all students to have either a 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper and a folder or a
folder as well as loose leaf paper in the folder for notes. We will mostly be giving students
packets and worksheets that should all be kept in the folder. Paper is required for daily Do
Now’s and other notes.
Absence Policy:
Health is a quarter class – on your 5
and get no credit for this course.
If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed.
If you were absent the day something was due, turn it in the following day. Make sure
you tell me you were absent so I can grade your paper accordingly.
For each day you are absent, you have one day to make up that work.
Be on time to class. When the bell rings, you should be in your seat and
starting your Do Now for the day. (4 unexcused lates = referral)
Use appropriate language and terminology.
Any phone that is seen or music that is heard will be taken away. No
The bell begins class and I end class. Do not pack up early or line up on the
door if we end a minute early.
Respect the students in class as well as the teacher.
Evaluation Procedures:
Marking period grades will be assigned quarterly and determined by the following:
Class Participation and Cooperation: 10%
Tests and quizzes: 30%
Classwork/Homework: 25%
Projects: 15%
Final/Quarterly Exam: 20%
Planning for the Future Project- 10%
Written Exam- 10%
Course Proficiencies:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Identify and explain the various cancers associated with the male and female
reproductive systems and understand how to do a self-examination.
2. Explain how conception and implantation occur.
3. Discuss the development problems of embryo/fetus during each trimester.
4. Discuss the psychological changes caused by pregnancy.
5. Explain health problems that are associated with pregnancy including genetic
disorders, and the various tests that are available to determine disorders.
6. Explain the stages of labor, the various methods of childbirth and types of
anesthesia available.
7. Discuss the effects anesthesia, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bacteria, and virus on the
8. Identify and explain the verbal and physical warning signs of potential dating violence.
9. Identify and demonstrate preventive measures to curtail abusive behavior in
10. Identify, explain, and differentiate between sexual harassment, sexual contact, and
sexual assault.
11. Identify and explain date rape, what “no” means, and its legal ramifications.
12. Identify and discuss the utilization, effects, and avoidance of date rape drugs.
13. Describe the preventive techniques that can be utilized to avoid sexual assault.
14. Describe procedures to follow if sexually assaulted.
15. Discuss the responsibilities of planning, budgeting that are associated with each
lifestyle choice.
16. Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of parenting.
17. Demonstrate comprehension and master of the male and female reproductive system.