Junior PE Study Guides

Ping Pong
When serving the ball must be visible.
Playing 1v1 (singles) the score goes to 21
Playing 2v2 (doubles) the score goes to 21
If the score is tied the winner must win by 2 points
If the ball hits the net during a play it IS playable.
In doubles you must alternate the hits between both partners
The ball can only bounce once before you return it
A rally is the period during which the ball is being played
The receiver is the person who returns the serve or any ball that is hit.
If the ball hits directly on the line it is in.
If the serve hits the top of the net but continues over the net, it is a playable ball
When serving underhand, the opposite foot of your serving arm steps forward
A team can have three hits before they have to send the ball over the net
When performing a set pass you should make a diamond shape with your hands
A player can NOT hit the ball twice in a row
You should be using your finger tips to set the ball
An ace is when the ball is served to the other team and nobody touches it
A game of volleyball is played up to 25 and you need to win by 2.
The three hits utilized in volleyball are bump, set, spike.
It is proper etiquette to roll the ball under the net when returning the ball to another team
When serving the team rotates clockwise.
Two types of serves are underhand and overhand