Social Studies Course Overview
POSSibilities Social Studies I/II: Ms. Laurie Miller
2015-2016 Course Overview and Policies
Course Overview:
   This year in Social Studies, our focus will be United States history.  We will improve academic skills by conducting research, reading various materials including primary sources and electronic media, writing about Social Studies, speaking about relevant topics, expanding vocabulary, and listening critically to each other, guest speakers, and electronic sources.  Content will be derived from the National Common Core Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, individual students’ IEP goals, and general education Social Studies curriculum topics here at NBTHS.  We will use an active, hands-on approach to instruction and incorporate multiple modes of learning.
Grading Policy:
   Students will earn grades each Marking Period based on a wide variety of work, including preparation, participation, quizzes, tests, projects, and oral presentations.  The unique strengths and needs of each student are kept in mind when grading.  Grades are calculated using an online grading system, called Genesis, which families may view from home using the Parent Portal.  You can sign up for the Parent Portal through the Main Office at the high school.  The Marking Period grading breakdown is as follows:          
25% for Homework
25% for Quizzes
25% for Tests and Projects
25% for Class work, preparation, and participation
   Students can earn an easy 100% each week for preparation by coming to class every day with their ID, planner, notebook, folder, and a pen or pencil.  One quiz grade per week will be for a notebook check to make sure notebooks and folders are as organized as possible.
Homework Policy:
   Homework will typically be assigned two or three days a week.  Students are required to record homework assignments in the planners they are given on the first day of school.  Late work is accepted for up to a week.  Five points will be deducted per day late.
Absence Policy:
   Students who are absent should ask for the work they missed as soon as they return to school.  Work will be set aside.  Extra help is available upon request.
Contact Information:
   Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or leave me a voicemail at (732) 289-3700 x74035 with any questions, concerns, or comments.  Thank you!