CP English I

CP English I

Mrs. Dina Fleming

Room 845


Course Description:

CP English I is a genre approach to World Literature that concentrates on short stories, non-fiction, drama, the Greek epic, the novel, and poetry.  

Students will be asked to demonstrate various levels of critical thinking.  They will be asked to support ideas with specific information from the text, identify main ideas of selections, make comparisons and contrasts, and analyze literature on the basis of setting, plot, point of view, style, theme, tone, etc.  Students will identify familiar literary terms as well as learn new literary terms throughout the study of literature.

Students will be required to write for various audiences in various modes and will be expected to use previously attained knowledge of grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation.  This knowledge will be reinforced and expanded throughout the year.  All students will complete a ninth grade research paper in MLA format.  Students will continue the writing process with an emphasis on prewriting, editing, and publishing. .

Vocabulary units consist of words typically expected of college-bound students and will accompany the literature units that include verbal analogies, word derivations, etymology, roots, and affixes.

Essential Questions:

The following are a list of essential questions that students will be probing throughout his/her study of world literature.  At the conclusion of each unit of study, students should be equipped to answer these questions thoroughly calling into action evidence from the texts he/she has explored.

  • How can heroes of the past influence those of the future?  How do heroes reflect the cultural values and needs of the time/society in which they live/lived?

  • How can examining historical and cultural context deepen understanding of conflict and theme in a work of literature? How does literature reflect the aspirations of a culture or nation?

  • How can literature (i.e. short stories, drama, speeches, poetry, novels) mirror the climate (social, political, and/or economical) of a time period?

Novels/Units of Study:

  • A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines (Historical Fiction)

  • The Odyssey by Homer (Epic Poetry)

  • A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (Historical Drama)

  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Summer Reading Novella)

  • The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (Shakespearean Drama)

  • When I was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago (Novel)

  • Oedipus the King by Sophocles (Roman Drama)

  • Research Paper

  • Various Writing Units (Narrative, Expository, Argumentative, Analysis, Short-Constructed Response)

  • Vocabulary Study

*High School level literature often explores sophisticated issues (i.e. race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, sexual violence, and violence).  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and/or my supervisor, Dr. Kayne Ellis.  

Late Work:

Students will be afforded the opportunity to submit late work for “select” Major Grades (teacher discretion) within one week of the original due date.  The teacher may extend the deadline for legitimate student absences or extenuating circumstances.  Late work submissions must be a good-faith effort of the assignment; trivial attempts of the assignment will not be accepted or graded.  The teacher will determine the worthiness of the late assignment submitted.  Late work submitted will receive a penalty of 20 points off.  Extra credit assignments will never be accepted late.  

Class Supplies:

A neat, organized binder with appropriate contents will ensure that each student is ready to learn and access materials quickly during class.  Please be ready with the following materials by the second week of school:

  • Binder (color of your choice/ can be used in combination with other classes)

  • Plenty of lined paper (college rule preferred)

  • Dividers (at least 3)

  • Pen/pencil case (with 3 ring binder holes)

  • 2 or more pencils

  • Blue/black pen

  • Red pen

  • 2 different color highlighters

  • Post-it notes

  • Folder (optional)

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Students will be expected to:

  • Arrive on time and prepared everyday

  • Respect yourself, your peers, the teacher, and the classroom resources at all times

  • Follow all class directions and procedures

  • Complete all assignments in a timely manner

  • Participate actively in all classroom tasks

  • Follow NBTHS Code of Conduct

  • Ask for clarification if you do not understand

Grading Policy:

The teacher will frequently update the Parent/Student Portal with each student’s most recent grades.  It is important for both students and parents to check the Portal regularly in order to understand current academic standing and be capable of planning appropriately to increase success.  Our class will utilize a web application called Remind101 in order to send reminders for upcoming “major” assignments only.  Both students and parents can elect to sign up for this app and receive these reminders directly to their phones via text message.









At least:

  • 2 long (full essay)

  • 2 short (2 paragraphs)

  • 1 “type” every three weeks

At least:

  • 1 Literary

  • 1 Vocabulary

At least:

  • 2 Vocabulary

  • 2 Literary


  • Homework

  • Classwork

  • Do-Nows

  • Cornell Notes

  • Exit Slips

  • Quick Writes

Technology Resources:

Various forms of technology will be used throughout the school year to assist students with organization, study tools, work submission, and understanding their grades.  If any student needs assistance with access these sites or a computer/internet, please communicate this to Mrs. Fleming so that she can be of assistance.  Below is a list of some of the most frequently used technology resources we will be using this year.

Parent/Student Portal

  • School-wide website for accessing grades, attendance, student schedules, discipline, etc.

Remind101 Period 2: Text: db732a To: 81010 Period 7: Text: 7h8a23 To: 81010

  • A web application that allows teachers to send out text message “reminders” for upcoming assignments to both students and parents

Google Classroom

Period 2 Code: er0jby9 Period 7 Code: aneb55

  • A web platform that allows teachers to post assignments and all necessary resources for student access.  Also allows students to submit these assignments directly from their student Google Drive.


  • An online platform where students submit their writings.  This platform serves many functions including checking for plagiarism.

Quizlet.com Period 2: https://quizlet.com/join/qncPbXPDs Period 7: https://quizlet.com/join/NGdrJRxt6

  • A website that allows students to set up online flashcards for the purpose of studying for upcoming quizzes and/or tests.

NoRedInk.com Period 2: https://www.noredink.com/join/crowded-comb-6 Period 7: https://www.noredink.com/join/brave-game-27

  • This website will be used as a space for students to practice necessary English conventions such as Grammar, Spelling, and mechanics of writing.


Period 2:  
Join Code: 63QK5W 

Period 7:
Join Code:  8BZDPN

  • Common Lit is a web platform that provides access to additional literacy and critical thinking practice and will be used to supplement the classroom novels we will read this year.