Career Development II - Course Outline

CBI Career Development II Course Outline

Course Description: Career education is designed to reinforce and extend workplace and community living competencies in high school students while continuing the process of post-secondary planning. Students will learn the importance of success in the workplace both in the classroom and in the community. Students will sample jobs in a number of the sixteen career clusters identified by the Department of Education in the community. This component of Career Development is called Structured Learning Experience (SLE). All the students who are in Careers II must be 16 years of age to participate. Students identify future goals, and complete various career interest inventories, & complete work skills assessments. After the results are reviewed with each student, the teacher and student select a job that the student will volunteer at or Job sample (Unpaid) for the marking period.

Course Goals: Students will

  • Have an understanding of the world of work and the knowledge and skills needed for traditional and nontraditional jobs and careers.

  • Identify common knowledge, skills, and abilities needed within the federal 16 Career Clusters.

  • Evaluate personal abilities, interests, and motivations and discuss how they might influence job and career selection.

  • Use workplace readiness skills and career information learned from job shadowing, high school visits, speakers, volunteering, or other career exploration activities to assist with career exploration.

  • Prepare a sample résumé and cover letter as part of an application for part-time or summer employment.

Materials: Each student will be given a binder that will be their portfolio for the year.

In Class:

  • 1 Folder

  • Writing utensils

  • 1 inch 3 ring binder

In the Community:

Students will be working at various job sites in the community they will need to dress according to the dress code of the establishment they are working at. When they are placed at a location a letter will be sent home to inform you of what they need.


  • 30% Evaluations CBI/SLE

  • 30% Tests/Projects

  • 25% Prepared, Class work, Quizzes

  • 15% Homework