Chapman, Keith School Messenger Site

Hello and welcome.  My name is Keith Chapman and I am very excited to be here this year.  It is my first year teaching at North Brunswick High School.  I have approximately 11 years experience in education, and several years experience as an environmental consultant/hydrogeologist.   

I am teaching honors and cp chemistry.

Please click the links to the left for a copy of the course requirements and syllabus.  

You may contact me via email:

Twitter:   @sciencechap

I am available for extra help so if your child needs help with the material remind him/her to see me as I would be happy to help. 

I use google classroom, the online parent portal and  Please feel free to sign up for the remind google classroom code from the class period below. You may download the app, log in using a computer, and/or text the code to 81010.

CP Chem period 1     @nbtcc14

CP Chem period 2 @nbtcc15

CP Chem period 3 @nbtcc16

Honors Chem period 6 @nbthc1

Honors Chem period 8 @nbthc2