Google Classroom and Remind101 Codes for 2016-2017

Google Classroom Class Codes

Only students enrolled in the course will be given permission to access the page.  The "school" address is the only one accepted.  No personal id's.  If you have not received an invitation to the class, please let signora Certo know. 

CP Italian I     cmdb6k       
CP Italian III     q18d4x1      
Honors Italian IV   mf3wnc
AP Italian L&C  eg47af

Remind101 Class Codes

Although students will receive messages regarding homework and other due assignments on Remind, circumstances may arise where homework is not posted on the site.  It is understood by the students that they are not to rely only on this site, but also to write down the homework at the end of class. 

Only Students enrolled in the course and their parents/guardians
may have access to the page.  People whose name signora Certo does not recognize will not be granted access.  

CP Italian I   81010     @g74eh8 (
CP Italian III 81010 @76fd3  (
Honors Italian IV 81010 @d76kh3  (
AP Italian L&C 81010 @376kh3 (
Italian Club                81010       @ae26dc