Societa' Onoraria Italica

    As an IHS member, you are automatically an Italian club member.  Get involved and attend Italian Club meetings!  Check the announcement board in room 574 for dates and events. 

    Who is Luigi_Pirandello?   

     How can YOU qualify for an invitation to the Italian Honor Society?  

    • Earn a year end average of "A" (90+) in Italian I and II (grades from other institutions included)
    • Earn an "A" (90+) in the first two quarters of Italian III 
    • Have a 3.4 GPA or above
    • Have no serious disciplinary infractions


     Once you have accepted the invitation and to maintain your membership you must:

    • Pay a one time induction fee
    • Attend the induction ceremony
    • Promise to continue studying Italian while at NBTHS
    • Offer your services as a tutor to students in the lower levels who need extra help
    • Attend Italian Club meetings
    • Get no major disciplinary infractions