Class Rules - All levels

Benvenuti alla classe d’italiano!
Signora Rosaria Certo
Classroom 574
Workstation 560 

Class rules 

  • Come to class prepared with book, notebook, folder, pens/pencils.
  • Be on time, prepared to work and on task.
  • Be responsible for your own learning and materials.
  • Have integrity: be honest in word and deed.
  • Use your electronic device (phone, tablet, camera, calculator…) only when instructed to do so.  Keep it out of sight in your backpack or purse until then.
  • Be involved in the moment: do not read, respond to or send texts during class time while you are in the presence of your classmates, friends or teachers.
  • Remain in class, take notes, listen and participate to get the full benefit of the lesson.
  • Respect one another’s feelings and belongings (including the teacher!).
  • Parla italiano quanto possibile!


  • Only one student at a time (male or female) may leave the room to go to the bathroom or locker. Raise your hand and ask to go, then, come to me with your journal and a pen/pencil so that I can initial it.  Be back within 5 minutes in case there is another student who needs to leave the room.  Unless you are medically excused, if you ask to leave too often (2-3 times a week, at the same time everyday, etc.) you will have this privilege revoked. Remember 10 or more minutes out of class is considered misuse of a pass and/or a cut.
  • If you come late to class, you must have a signed pass from a teacher or administrator.  Under no circumstance may you stay in or go to another teacher’s class to finish a test or project.  Make arrangements with that teacher to go during your lunch or after school to finish.
  • During a test/quiz, you may only have a pen and the test on your desk, unless otherwise instructed.  If you are caught cheating your will receive a zero and a disciplinary referral.  Cheating is copying from and/or allowing someone to copy your answers. Anyone caught “peeking” at his/her cell phone during the assessment will be assumed to be cheating and receive a zero.


Please check your course proficiencies for the category weighting for your course. 

  • You will have at least one written assessment per week.  Chapter tests are announced two days before they are given and quizzes are announced one day prior.  If you were present the day the test, quiz, project was announced or assigned and you are absent on the day it is taken or due, you must take it the day you come back.  I will remind you once that you need to complete an assessment.  Until you make it up within the school’s policy, a zero with a note attached will appear in the grade book.  You can check what you are missing in Genesis through Parent Portal. 
  • You will receive a weekly class participation grade. 
  • Homework is assigned two to three times a week.  It must be completed by the day it is due.  No late homework will be accepted unless you were absent.  Until that assignment is completed, a zero with a note will appear in the grade book.

Why study Italian at NBTHS? 

  • Learning to communicate in the world’s most beautiful language (ok, I am biased J )
  • Discover the beauty and culture of a country that is recognized as having the most world heritage sites by UNESCO
  • Be a part of the Italian Club and/or Italian Honor Society.
  • After Italian IV or AP, qualify to apply for a senior scholarship to study Italian for six week in Urbino awarded by the North Brunswick Italian Cultural Society.
  • Go to the Metropolitan Opera House or Museum of Art in New York.