Bussiere, Danielle



About me:


My name is Danielle Bussiere, I am currently in my third year of teaching Health and Physical Education at North Brunswick High School. I graduated from Kean University in Decemeber 2011. While attending Kean, I played four years of Women's Soccer and one year of Women's Lacrosse. I currently coach girls lacrosse and girls soccer here at North Brunswick. I look forward to having a wonderful year with all my students!


Email: dbussiere@nbtschools.org

Phone: 732-732-289-3700 x 74063


PHYS ED ABSENCES- Students can pick up a Phys. Ed make up assignment sheet from me or look at the sheet posted in the locker room. For each absence, students should complete one question on the sheet and hand it to me ONE phys ed class period later in order to get credit. 


**MAKE UP WORK- PE Make-up assignments.doc



SENIOR HEALTH- If a student has 4 or more unexcused absences, they automatically fail and will need to retake the next year. During the "Flour Baby" project students are required to call my voicemail (74063) between 2 am- 4am on the day they are assigned.



Male and Female Reproduction PP- Female - Male Repro Systems PPT 2015-2-3.ppt 

PP- Male%20and%20Female%20Reproductive%20Health%20Concerns%20%281%29.pptx 

Pregnancy PP- Pregnancy%20PPT2014.ppt 

Relationship PP- Relationships%2520PP%25202012%5b1%5d.ppt 

Dating Violence/Date Rape Drugs PP-   Dating%20Violence%20PPT[1] (2).ppt



 2016 MP4 Junior Final Exam Review.rtf 


 2016 Senior PE MP4 Review.rtf