Breheney, Edward

Coach Breheney

Head Basketball Coach
Head Golf Coach
Assisstant Football Coach

Physical Education Guidelines for Safe Participation
(names on shirts are essential for easy identification of students in PE classes):


  • Sneakers that tie (NO flip-flops, sneakers that have wheels, boots, slip-on shoes, or flats)
  • light colored t-shirt with sleeves (NO tank-tops or cut-off shirts) with the student’s last name written on the back across the top of the shirt
  • Gym shorts/sweat pants or PE shorts (available in the school store. Must have drawstring or elastic waist (NO zippers, buttons, or belt loops).
  • NO Jeans, hats, or jewelry
  • NO official school athletic uniforms

Weekly Physical Education Grade (70% of total grade):

Each day students will receive a grade of up to 10 points. The 10 points is broken down into 2 categories. Six of the 10 points will be assessing the student’s performance and effort (see attached page for rubric). The remaining 4 points will be representative of the student’s personal safety/social responsibility (see attached page for rubric). Each week teachers will input a weekly physical education grade on Genesis. This weekly grade will be the sum of the student’s daily grades for the week. If a student is unprepared, cuts, or is not able to participate in class and does not have a valid pass or note they will get a zero for the day. A student will not be allowed to participate if partially changed. If the student is not changed according to the standards mentioned below they will have to sit out and will not earn any points for the day. Make-ups will be available during the marking period. Only 2 unprepared can be made up throughout the course of a marking period. All students are required to be IN THE LOCKER ROOM BY THE BELL. Students who are late to the locker room will not be allowed to enter and will therefore be unprepared for class.


Quarterly Assessments (20% of total grade):


  • Students will be given a written test at the end of each unit
  • Each test will be worth 100 points
  • Some written assignments may be given as well throughout the marking period that will also be included in this category.

Skill Assessments (10% of total grade):


  • At the start of each unit, teachers will demonstrate and explain the major skills needed to effectively participate in the activity. These skills that are demonstrated, explained, and emphasized will be the ones that the students are evaluated on throughout the unit.
  • Students will be evaluated throughout the course of a unit on their application of skill performance, improvement, and effort in the activity being performed.
  • Each student will be assessed on a 10 point scale per activity (see attached rubric)