Bonjour et bienvenue”! I am looking forward to an exciting year which will provide you with many opportunities to increase your knowledge and use of French. In order to maximize your use of class time, please observe the following:

Class Procedures

Arrive to class on time. Three unexcused tardiness will result in an absence.

Come prepared to class with the required materials and homework.

No passes will be issued to lockers.

Please use the lavatory before coming to class!

Ask permission to leave your seat.

Show respect to others by raising your hand to speak.

Food, drink and chewing gum are not permitted.

Electronic devices: Please put away cell phones , unless advised not too.

Remain in your seat until dismissal. Never line up at the door before dismissal.  Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell


A three-ring notebook.

loose paper

A folder for worksheets tests and quizzes.


Homework is due at the beginning of the period. I do not accept late homework unless for excused absence. Homework in Quia.com or in Edpuzzle has to be done on time also.To get a full credit in Quia.com the activities has to be done according to my instruction in class. ( some exercises need 5 min practice other 10 min) Homework given as quiz in Quia.com has to be completed.( no time restriction for this) Occasionally, I will collect homework and grade it as a quiz. Please make sure to complete the homework and to refrain from copying homework from classmates as per the school’s Academic Integrity Code.

Written assessments:

During this year, you will be working on your writing skills. Use of Google translator to complete these assignments is prohibited.  You will receive a zero for work that is completed with the assistance of Google translator.

Seats: seats are assigned. I reserve the right  to change a student seat to maximize his or her academic potential.  

Make-up work

It is your responsibility to ask me for work missed due to an absence and to turn in homework that was due upon your turn to class.  

 It is also your responsibility to make  arrangements to take missed  quizzes and tests when you return.   

UNEXCUSED absences on the day of an assignment, test, quiz, project, presentation, paper, etc. will result in a zero.

Refer to the Student and  Parent Handbook for policies on make-up work.