“Bonjour et bienvenue”! I am looking forward to an exciting year which will provide you with many opportunities to increase your knowledge and use of French.  In order to maximize your use of class time, please observe the following:

Class Procedures:

  1. 1.      Arrive to class on time. Late to class will impact your class participation grade.
  2. 2.      Class participation grade is based on: being on time in class, on task,


  1. 3.      Homework is due at the beginning of class.   No credit for late homework.( except excused absence)
  2. 4.      To earn full credit for homework on Quia.com, you have to practice the vocabulary flash cards at least 10 minutes.
  3. 5.      Homework on paper must be complete and well accurate to earn full credit. During the course of the year and randomly, I will collect the homework and graded it as pop quiz.
  4. 6.      Expect to take any missing assessment according to the school policy.
  5. 7.      Please review the district policy about cheating and plagiarism.
  6. 8.      Food and drink are not permitted. Chewing gum is also not allowed in class.
  7. 9.      The use of lavatory is restricted to two passes during the week.( exception for documented medical reasons)
  8. 10.  Cellphones must be turned off or muted. Cellphones must not be visible in class unless directed by me for use educational activity.
  9. 11.  Do not leave your seat without permission.
  10. 12.  Class ends when the bell rings. No student is allowed to leave his/her seat and stand by the door.
  11. 13.   Respect your classmates and your teacher.