CP French II Proficiency

North Brunswick Township High School



Course Description


CP French II is a continuation of CP French I and places greater emphasis upon aural and oral proficiency.  The ability to understand more sophisticated French readings, the continued development of vocabulary, and the study of French speaking cultures are also emphasized.


Course Proficiencies


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:


1.                  Assimilate material and use it for meaningful communication in French.

2.                  Sustain level appropriate conversations in French on a variety of different topics.

3.                  Express themselves in written French on a variety of different topics.

4.                  Comprehend and discuss the content of selected written, oral, and visual materials in French.

5.                  Demonstrate comprehension and mastery of elementary grammatical structures, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions.

6.                  Demonstrate comprehension and mastery of selected cultural topics dealing with people, places, and events in the French-speaking world with emphasis on geography, people, and cuisine.


Course Requirements


Students will be expected to:


1.                  Attend class regularly and be on time. 

2.                  Bring necessary supplies to class.

3.                  Complete all in class and homework assignments.

4.                  Make-up all work after any absence within a deadline established by school policy.

5.                  Maintain a high degree of class participation and preparation.

6.                  Demonstrate a cooperative attitude and contribute to the learning process of the class.


Evaluation Procedures


Marking period grades will be assigned quarterly and will be determined by the following:


1.                  Class Participation 20%

2.                  Homework 20%

3.                  Tests, Projects 30%

4.                  Quizzes 20%

5.                  Unit Proficiency Exams 10%


rev. 9/10