Morales, Yesenia

This website has been designed to help you figure out what you missed and where to find it. 

The hamster ate your homework?  No problem, just print off another copy from the link on the side.  How do you do that?  Go to Google Classroom to check out what have done for that day. The homework for the day will posted under homework. 

What? You were absent and missed the incredible, engaging, entertaining PowerPoint that we did in class the other day - just click on your class and look through the PowerPoints.  Oh, and take some notes!

Ok, details....if you need to communicate with me please email me at ymorales@nbtschools.orgIf you are absent and want to send me work by email, attach the document instead of cutting and pasting (embedding) it into the email.  That way you will maintain your formatting.  I'm big on formatting.  Or you can put it in the "drive" and share it - follow-up, make sure I got it!  Please identify yourself, the name of your document and once again follow-up!  I usually send back a confirmation email, so if you don't hear from me double check that the email came through.

You can check your grades on ParentPortal.  Check often! I try to update grades as often as possible and it's important that you know what your grade is and what you may have missed.

Google Classroom Codes: 
Period 2: edgdos
Period 3: 52khrf
Period 4: podjxp
Period 6: hv6h7i
Period 8: niyva4g

All other information for and Remind 101 can be found on my Google Classroom.