Common Core Support English I

English Common Core Support (CCS) I

Full Year Course = 5 credits

Mrs.Dina Fleming  

732-289-3700 x 74112

Course Description:  Common Core Support is a small group class designed to improve basic reading and writing skills for Grade 9-12 students. The content of the course consists of required instruction and individualization necessary to improve student success in their core class. This program also includes various types of literature, which students will read and analyze for content and context. The course targets writing skills necessary for success in core classes. Standardized and teacher-made assessments will measure growth.

Course Content: CCS class will be using a variety of resources to support students’ mastery of ELA skills.  Our class will be using both the Scholastic Action Magazine in addition to short and extended reading selections throughout the year.  


  • Fiction

  • Nonfiction

  • Independent Reading

  • Vocabulary development


  • Timed Prompts

  • Narrative

  • Argumentative

  • Expository

  • Open-Ended Response to text

  • Grammar

    • Sentence Construction

    • Usage

    • Mechanics

  • Revision

    • Content

    • Organization

    • Supporting Details

    • Thesis Statements

    • Introduction & Conclusion Paragraph Strategies

Course Evaluation

Assessments  = 60% of marking period grade

Students will presented with English Language Core Content Skills to practice and master throughout the school year.  In order for the teacher to gauge a student’s progress in these skills, he/she will be assessed using a variety of means including the following:  class work, quizzes, tests, projects, and writings.

CCS Performance = 40% of marking period grade

English CCS is a class designed to “support” students in the development and mastery of vital Language Arts skills as well as an important resource in “supporting” the student’s ability to succeed in his/her CP English class.  Students will be offered time during the CCS class to complete coursework for their CP English class and will be expected to use that time wisely.  Therefore, a weekly CCS Performance Grade will assess students’ use of this allotted time in the following ways:  Planning/Goal Setting, Preparation, Accessing Resources, Task Completion, Demonstration of Core Class Expectations.  Please see the CCS Performance Rubric for further, more detailed explanation of these areas.