Functional Career & Life Skills

Period 3, 6, & 7 - Functional Career & Life Skills Course Overview:

This year in Functional Career and Life Skills, the students will learn the importance of success in the workplace, both in the classroom and in the community.  Students will learn various skills related to work readiness including, but not limited to, interview skills, money management, appropriate hygiene and attire for the workplace, time management, as well as many other skills. We will use an active, hands-on approach to instruction and incorporate multiple modes of learning every day.

Grading Policy:

Students progress will be monitored based on their class work, preparation and participation in the classroom setting. The unique strengths and needs of each student are kept in mind when grading.  I will be working closely with your child’s home based teacher in an effort to meet the individual needs and strengths of your child.

Homework Policy:

Homework may be assigned two or three days a month.  Students are required to record homework assignments in the planners they are given on the first day of school. Late work is accepted for up to a week.