Course Expectations/Grading Policy 18-19

Ms. Peabody

Study Skills Course Expectations 2018-2019

This class is proud to be on the R.I.S.E.  You are expected to show…


-for yourself and your learning

-and to others for theirs


-by putting effort into your work,

-having good character

-and demonstrating ethical behavior


-by taking responsibility for personal

-and community supplies


-by setting personal S.M.A.R.T. Goals

-and improving your school and overall success

1. Arrive on time and with the necessary tools

2.  Come prepared to learn.

3.Participate to learn.

Study Skills instruction in study skills

Study Skills students get help in areas of struggle

Study Skills improve executive functioning skills

4. Grades

You will be graded using the rubric found on your week sheet.

You will be evaluated on your:

  • Use of CLASS time

  • Following of school and room rules

  • Completion of assigned classwork and projects

  • Use of instructed strategies

  • Completion of the Week Sheet

Grades will be posted on the Student Portal.

Weekly grade = 50%  of marking period grades

Projects/Assignments = 50% of marking period grade

5. Teacher contact

Email  (tied for best method)

School phone  (732) 289-3700 X 7404