CP Chemistry

Tests= 40%

Welcome to College Prep Chemistry.

This is a challenging class for students to learn about matter and its interactions in the various states of matter. There will be some calculations and some labs and more importantly an opportunity to learn to view the world from a different point of view. This point of view may at times challenge your percieved abilities, but do not fear because if you need help I am available to help you by:
C.P. Chemistry Course Expectations
Course Expectations:
  • Students will be expected to attend class; if absent for any reason it is the student’s responsibility to contact a classmate to acquire the notes and assignments.
  • Students will be expected to maintain a satisfactory level of preparedness and bring all necessary supplies to class daily.
  • -        3 Ring Binder
  • -        Marble (Bound) Composition Note Book
  • -        Any handouts provided by the teacher
  • -        Homework
  • -        Pen or pencil
  • -        Calculator, non-graphing
  • Students will be seated right away, write posted homework in their agenda, and have binder / calculator / homework out ready to start class.
  • Students will be expected to complete all assignments on time.
  • Students will be cooperative in class, contribute to the learning environment and growth of the class to the best of their ability. There are daily group exercises.
  • Students will be expected to be prepared for all laboratory experiments, keep a clean lab bench work area, and to observe all safety rules at all times.