Need to know for labs

Safety Rules and Contract

Lab Reports

  • The LabWrite site provides wonderful detailed support to aid the student in writing formal lab reports. Samples are provided from middle school through college level. Explanations for each section are clear and concise. 
    formal lab guidelines.doc 

Lab Rules

  • Students will generally be told in advance when they will be doing a lab during class, there is no longer a set day. 
  • Students are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing & shoes and for tying long hair back on days when lab will be performed.
  • The rules are provided, discussed, tested for understanding and enforced.
  • A safety contract must be signed by both the parent and student before students will be allowed to work with chemicals in the lab.
  • Students without appropriate clothing, a signed safety contract or who violate safety rules will sit out the lab and receive a zero for that days assigned work.
  • If a given violation warrrants a meeting with a parent, the student will not be allowed to participate in lab until the meeting takes place.
  • Students seem to have the most problem in lab with wearing their goggles at all times. They are uncomfortable but necessary for everyone's safety.
  • Aside from the initial training, specific safety items pertaining to a given lab will be discussed at the start of the lab as needed.

Video Links to Reinforce Safety Rules:

1) Safety Rap with Legos:

2) Lego Man:

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4) Short rap with clipart graphics:

5) Cop style, cheesy: