Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Throughout the year, you will be using Google classroom in order to complete several class assignments and projects. You will also be using it to prepare yourself for flipped classroom days. Please make sure that you enter the correct class code for your specific period in order to access important class documents. *Class codes will be provided on the first day of school.* If you are having technical difficulties, please notify me and I will add you to our google class via your school identification number. In the event that you have forgotten your class period, they are listed below:

  1. Period 1: French II CP
  2. Period 2: French I CP
  3. Period 4: French I CP
  4. Period 5: French II CP
  5. Period 8: French II CP



When working in Google Classroom, please adhere to the following 5 rules:

  1. Abide by the same standards of behavior online that you would follow in real life. Be honest, be respectful, and be polite. We are North Brunswick. Do the right thing.
  2. Be conscious of your choice of language. Sometimes words that might not sound hurtful when spoken in person feel offensive when put in writing.
  3. Ask for clarification if you are having trouble understanding. I’m always happy to help.
  4. Proofread your postings for grammar and spelling errors.
  5. Refrain from taking someone else's hard work and claiming it as your own. Taking the work of another is a violation of copyright laws as well as an act of plagiarism.

Enter Google Classroom Here: