CP Biology 1

The end of the School Year is almost upon us!

If you have not submitted any assignments, 

               please see me A.S.A.P.


Please prepare for Final Exams. Use your Review Packets!





Review for Chapter test which will continue during the week of March 16.

Go to this site and play the games to prepare for the test.


Use the notes in the study guide, PPT printout, and cell

illustrations to help you prepare.

Please see Ms. Davis if you need assistance.


Current Unit Notes:

 Bio 1 4-1 Introduction to the Cell.ppsx 


 Chapter 3 

 You need to know: 

*carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids 

*functional groups

*how molecules are connected, formed

*properties of water (i.e. polar)

*structure of cells

You can print out these notes (3 per page is best).

  Biology PPT Water Ch. 3-1.pptx  


 Follow this Rubric for your poster project for Chapter 2.

  Bio 1 Rubric Chemistry Project.docx    


Read over these vocabulary words. Don't just memorize them. Make sure you understand them.

  Bio 1 Vocab Ch 2.docx  


Open these links to view class notes. You can print the current chapter, but choose 3-6 slides per page. If you don't, you'll get one giant full page for each slide!


  Bio 1 PPT Ch 19 Ecology.pptx  

  Bio 1 PPT Ch 21 Species Interactions.pptx  

  Bio 1 PPT Ch 22 Energy Transfer.pptx  


Improve your skills at metric conversion with this fun game.

Right click to open this link.