Behavorial Agreement- Ceramics I

Behavioral Agreement for Mrs. LaChow’s Ceramics classes

Safety & Studio Maintenance

  • The equipment in the ceramics studio is expensive and could result in injury if not used properly
  • Do not use equipment that has not been demonstrated by the teacher.
  • Students should not be in the kiln room at all unless specifically directed by the teacher.
  • Misuse of materials in the studio will result in a discipline referral and a call home. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to:
  • Throwing clay
  • Abusing machinery – slab rollers, wheels, kiln, etc.
  • Improper use, destruction, or vandalism of tables, chairs, clay, glazes, brushes, ceramic tools, etc.
  • Destroying/damaging other student’s work
  • The running and maintenance of the studio is each student’s responsibility
  • Students may be asked to help with the recycling of clay, cleaning of tools or areas of the room, or other studio tasks that help contribute to the efficient and safe running of the studio. 
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up their areas and cleaning/returning all of the materials that they used during the course of the class period.

It is so important to make sure we all clean up completely at the end of class.

  • They are also responsible for properly wrapping their artwork and returning it to the proper shelves at the end of the period. 
  • Work that is not properly stored may have to be remade.
  • Ceramics is a class that uses clay, glazes, and other materials. If you are worried about the possibility that some of these materials could get on you or your clothes bring your own old t-shirt or apron. 
  • Because of the materials used in the studio, students are not permitted food or drinks in the studio for safety reasons unless authorized by the school nurse.

Respect - People, Artwork, & Materials

  • Students should show respect to the teacher and to the other students in the classroom at all times. This includes the way in which one talks, acts, and how he expresses himself in his artwork.
  • Respect other’s artwork by not touching their work during any stage in the ceramic process. 
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Students should be tolerant of other’s thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.
  • Please use only materials assigned by the teacher for the project and only as much as needed.
  • Return all materials to the proper place after cleaning them.
  • Reduce interruptions while others are speaking in class by listening when others are talking.
  • When a substitute teacher is in charge of the class, students should follow the same classroom rules as always and proceed with the same respectful manner in class. If a substitute writes a student’s name down due to disrespect, lack of cooperation, or leaving the classroom without permission, this will result in a discipline referral.
  • Students will begin the year in assigned seats. However, the teacher may decide to allow students to change their seats at some point. This is subject to teacher approval and not an assumed student privilege. If any student is given an assigned seat (at the start of the year or later in the year due to a problem) that student must continue to take that assigned seat on a regular basis.
  • Students should not gather by the door or by the exit hallway of the classroom. After the teacher announces clean up, if students finish before the bell, they should sit in the seating area of the classroom and wait for the bell.
  • Students should not use office/teacher chairs. Students should use classroom stools.

Deadlines, Grades, & Absences

  • Students will be given deadlines for projects that provide plenty of time to complete the required elements.
  • The teacher will decide whether work will be fired, or if the student will be a given a D for the work and the clay recycled.
  • Students may be able to redo the assignment for a better grade, however, they must keep up with the next assignment. They will not be given additional time for the next assignment because they are trying to improve their grade by redoing the first assignment.
  • Any work that is not directly related to assignments or that the teacher does not feel satisfies the criteria of the project will not be fired.
  • A rubric will be used for grading clay projects and students are responsible for asking questions about the rubric before the project is underway.
  • Students are responsible for finding out about and completing any missed work following a school-sanctioned absence. Students will be given the number of days absent to make up written work and tests. Beyond these days, late points will be taken off or a zero may be given.
  • Because much of the work in ceramics is done in the classroom, if students are out for a large number of days, they are responsible for working out a plan with the teacher regarding how they will make up the work.
  • Lost or broken work must be completed even if it means starting from scratch.
  • If a student’s work is damaged or has a defect in the clay or firing process, then it is up to the discretion of the teacher to say whether the work will be remade. If the teacher decides that the student should redo the work, she will give him the appropriate amount of time. If the student then refuses to redo the work, then he will receive a zero for the project.
  • Students will begin to clean up when they are instructed to do so by the teacher. Cleaning up early results in not using the time in the class period to your best advantage and will adversely affect your project grade. After the teacher announces clean up, if the class is cleaned up prior to the bell ringing, students should remain in their seats. 

Return of Student Work

  • Projects will be returned to students at the discretion of the teacher
  • If the teacher deems that the work is unsafe to return (e.g. because of cracks,

glaze errors, or other flaws), then the work will not be returned. If the work is

safe to return, then it will be up the teacher to determine the timeline for

returning work. 

  • The firing schedule and the return of work will be determined solely by the teacher.
  • Any work returned to you during the school year should be kept in perfect condition until final grades are received. If there is a question about your grade, you may be asked to show the work.
  • Artwork not collected by the end of the school year may be disposed of at the teacher’s discretion.

On Time for Class

  • Students need to be on time for class to avoid disruptions and to ensure that they receive all class information. This means that they should be in class before the late bell rings. I keep track of lates and the school policy says that a referral is sent to the office after 4 lates. 
  • Students should come directly into class, put their bags on the windowsill, take their seats, and await instructions while the teacher takes attendance. They should not go directly to the closet, ware carts, other area, or hide in the entranceway. If the teacher does not see a student in the classroom by the bell, then he is considered late. 

Bathroom Trips & Other Excursions

  • Students should not leave the studio without teacher permission.
  • If a student has a pass for guidance or other school appointment, he should present

the pass to the teacher at the start of class and ask permission to leave the class at

that designated time. 

  • Students should not leave the class to go anywhere else when there is a substitute unless they already have a pass. Substitutes have been asked to write down the times and places that students go along with the return times so that I may check their destinations upon my return. Students should not go to the media center.
  • If necessary, students may leave to go to the bathroom one at a time. 
  • Students must ask teacher permission and sign out on the bathroom sign out sheet before leaving. Students should sign in their arrival time upon their return.
  • Students leaving the room for more than 10 minutes are considered cutting by school policy and a referral will be issued.
  • Students may be permitted to come to the ceramics room during their study or lunch if I give them a pass
  • Any student entering the class without permission will be asked to leave. If he/she does not leave an aide will be called to escort the student out of the room.
  • If I give a student a pass to work in the studio during another art teacher’s class, then the student should report to the art teacher and show her the pass. He should behave appropriately at all times and clean up tools and tables at the end of the period. 

    If there is any problem with a student working in another art teacher’s class, the student will not be issued any additional passes to work during that period. 

  • Cut classes will be followed by a discipline referral as soon as possible.

School Rules

  • School rules are in effect at all times in the studio. This behavioral agreement does not list all school rules, however, students are expected to have read the school rules and to comply with them on a daily basis. 


I will RESPECT :

  • Myself
  • My teacher
  • My classmates
  • My classroom
  • Class supplies
  • Those around me
  • Others’ property.

I will be COOPERATIVE with teachers and classmates.

I will be TOLERANT of others’ thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

I alone am RESPONSIBLE for my actions; what I do and what I say.


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