Behavioral Agreement


Welcome to Art Class!

Art Studio Expectations


1.  There is only one of me and 25+ of you: Please be patient as you wait for help-I am not ignoring you! The beginning of a project is often the time everyone needs the most help. Be assured that I am trying my best to help each of you.

2.  Teacher demos benefit the students: be sure to come over to the demo table so that you will have fewer questions! If you choose to sit and not participate at the demo table, you will have chosen not to have help with the directions covered in the demo. (Directions won’t be repeated to waste everyone’s time).

3.  Read the daily goals listed on the screen when you enter to remain on track: these are your daily deadlines.

4.  Class work needs to be done while you are in class: If you need extra help, I am always here for you but please don’t waste valuable class time while you are in here.

5.  If you finish your project early, ask someone if they need help or assist/clean areas around the art studio.  Understand that if you hurry and prematurely finish your projects, your studio performance grade will be affected.  


1.Come to class on time before the bell rings & do not leave the classroom at any time before the bell rings without teacher permission (1 cut & parent contacted). If you are late, you need to hand me a pass or be marked as late (4 lates= 1 cut). Bathroom breaks need a passbook signature. I am responsible for keeping you safe while you are in my room so you need to be in here when scheduled to be in here.

2. No door crowding:After cleaning your table and materials, you should remain in the seating area of the classroom and wait for the bell.

3.Students will not be permitted to go to Guidance or any other classroom while in art class without a valid pass from a teacher or counselor.  Please do not waste your class time asking me to leave class for any reason other than the bathroom or a quick drink.


1.Wait for clean up to be announced: You are expected to stop working 5 minutes before the bell rings to clean up. (Not before and not after) Continuous premature clean up may result in a poor studio performance grade.

2. Students are responsible for working together, cleaning up their tables, and cleaning materials they used, as well as placing them back cleaned in proper storage areas. Students who continuously fail to clean  their area will receive a poor studio performance grade.

3. Materials are in limited supply, are expensive to replace, and must be handled with care and cleaned properly. Names of students who misuse materials will be added to the fine list and will be responsible to pay for broken materials.  

Ceramic Students Only:

Ø You are responsible for properly wrapping artwork and returning it to the proper shelves at the end of the period.

Work that is not properly stored may have to be remade.

Ø We all work together, we all need to clean up together. Your tables are community tables! Please show respect to all your tablemates and do your part in cleaning materials & table. You are responsible for cleaning your table, materials, and the area around your table on the floor if necessary.

Ø  Any work that is not directly related to assignments or that the teacher does not feel satisfies the criteria of the project will not be fired.


1. There is zero tolerance for throwing clay, abusing materials, or roughhousing in the art studio: Repeated offenders may be removed from the class. Offenders will do graded bookwork the next day and must be approved to resume art making the day after.

2. Students be assigned seats and are expected to remain in these seats: Do not assume that you may change your seat as you will be sent back to your assigned seat.

3. Please be tolerant and respectful of others’ thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Please be mindful of others in your class and keep unkind words to yourself. Abusive, discriminatory, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

4. Cell Phone Policy in Effect: there will be no phone usage in class.

If you are off task and using your phone:

                        “THREE STRIKES RULE”

                          Strike 1=Verbal Warning

             Strike 2-= Call Home

                            Strike 3= REFERRAL FOR INSUBORDINATION & a 2nd CALL HOME

If you are seen on the phone texting or playing games you are asking to have your parents called.

5. Students should show respect in the classroom at all times:  Please keep your hands to yourself. Please keep your hands off others’ works.  Reduce interruptions while others are speaking in class by listening when others are talking.  


1.You will be graded on the following:

Project Grades 75%= creativity/originality, on task/effort, & craftsmanship  

Studio Performance Work 25%=MP Exams/Quizzes, Projects, Sketches/Reflections

2. Being absent is not an excuse for missing/incomplete work. You are responsible for making up missed work.

3. Students may be able to redo any assignment for a better grade, however, must keep up with the next assignment: You will not be given additional time for the next assignment because you are trying to improve your grade.

4. Work handed in after the deadline will receive a 64% on all objectives: TAKE DEADLINES SERIOUSLY: there is a 1 week limit on work handed in after the deadline. After this, there will be no more opportunity to hand in late work.

5. LOST work must be redone even if that means starting from scratch: Work cannot receive a grade if it is not present. If you are worried about losing your work, hold onto graded assignments and photograph completed projects so you have a copy.

                                EXTRA “STUFF”

1.Try to let go of unrealistic expectations in art class: You will be trying many new things. Let yourself experiment with unusual materials and tools. Art class is a great place to explore new ideas and take creative chances. I promise that I will never penalize you if you show me that you are taking a risk! I don't need to see masterpieces. I need to see EFFORT which means: you are practicing to increase skill, you are taking a lot of risks by trying new things, you are thinking outside the box & trying to be different from everyone else.

2. Please realize that teacher feedback is NOT intended to taken as teacher criticism! If I offer suggestions to you about how to improve your work, please do not be insulted. My goal for all my students is to raise the bar, advance conceptual thinking to a higher level and to assist in the discovery of new ways to solve visual problems. I realize that this is really hard stuff. But not impossible and you are all quite capable. This will help you create artwork that you will feel proud of.



I ___________________, understand and agree to adhere to all school rules and policies in this agreement.