CP Physics (freshman)
Welcome to PSI- Physics
You will need the following items during this course
  • 3-ring binder
  • Folder
  • Scientific calculator  
Web sites for Help 
NJCTL Website for course materials
Physics is all around us.  It is in the electric light bulb you turn on in the morning; the car you drive to work; your wristwatch, cell phone, mp3 player, and that big plasma TV set you want.  It makes the stars shine every night and the sun shine every day, and it makes a baseball soar into the stands for a homerun.  You are currently enrolled in a science class that will help you make sense of the world in which you live.  This course will use an algebra-based approach to explore several AP Physics topics: Mechanics; Electricity & Magnetism: and Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves & Light.
Mechanics (40%)
One-Dimensional Kinematics
One-Dimensional Dynamics
Uniform Circular Motion
Universal Gravitation
Work and Energy
One-Dimensional Linear Momentum
Electricity & Magnetism (40%)
            Electric Fields and Potential
            Electric Currents
            DC Circuits
            Magnetic Fields
            Electromagnetic Induction
Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves & Light (20%)
            Spring – Mass Systems
            The Pendulum
            Wave Properties
            Electromagnetic Waves
            Light as a Wave
            Two Slit Experiment
            Photoelectric Effect
            Light as a Particle
            Matter Waves

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