Honors Biology

Honors Biology – 3237                      


Piatkowski, Bohnyak, Cochran, – (2015-2016)


   In this rigorous course, students will study the various components of the major concepts in biology including biochemistry, cell theory and processes, cellular reproduction and genetics, evolution, and ecology. Classroom activities will include cooperative study activities and laboratory work as well as group projects.


Note: Students in this course must take the state administered NJ Biology Competency Test (BCT) in May. 


Classroom Expectations: 


  • Respect!!!!  Each other and all adults in the classroom!
  • There is to be NO cell phone use in class!!!  Period. 
  • There is to be NO food or drink in the science classroom.
  • Students should come to class prepared with their textbooks, pens/pencils, notebooks, homework, and any other materials needed for class…no locker passes.
  • Students should be in the room when the bell rings or they will be marked late to class.  Disciplinary referrals will be submitted as outlined in the student handbook for students who are repeatedly late to class.
  • Students should follow written directions, safety precautions, and all school policies and procedures at all times.
  • Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Students should not go into desk drawers, classroom cabinets, or the back prep-room without permission.
  • Assignments are due on the due date.  Complete all assignments on-time, every time.
  • Frequent passes to leave class will not be permitted.  I highly suggest you take care of your personal business outside of class time.  Requests to leave class should only occur if absolutely necessary.


Materials Needed:  

Three Ring Binder with Filler Paper or Notebook

Folder used only for this class

Pens and Pencils



Marking Period Grade:


Tests                          60%

Quizzes                      10%
Labs & Activities         25%

Homework                  5%


Course Grade:


4 Marking Period Grades 22% each          88%

Final Exam Grade                                      12%




Academic Integrity:


Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated at any level.  Working together and copying work are NOT the same thing.  Discussing information as a group is appropriate, however, each student must use his/her own words when completing written work.  Copying assignments from another student IS cheating.  Using technology during any assessment (quiz or test) IS cheating.  Using words you found off the internet as your own, IS cheating.  Pressuring someone to share information about projects, quizzes, and tests you will be taking is not only cheating but unfair to the other individual.  In order to understand the material at the level expected in this course, you must do your OWN work.  Having a history of academic dishonesty can affect you as you move through your high school career and beyond.  If academic dishonesty occurs in this course, students will receive no credit for the assignment in question and a disciplinary referral will be submitted to their administrator.  I strongly urge all students to avoid this situation at all costs by working hard, reading, studying, and asking for help.  Hard work will lead to success!!  You can do it!!