Honors Biotechnology & Forenscis

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Please be prepared for class each day with the following:


1. Paper, pens and pencils

2. A thirst for knowledge!

Honors Biotechnology & Forensics

Prerequisite: Final grade of “B” or better in Honors or CP Biology; Final grade of “B” or better in Honors or CP Chemistry and a final grade of “B” or better in CP English II.

This honors level course will encompass two major topics of study: Biotechnology and Forensic Science. Biotechnology will focus on the technical as well as ethical aspects of this rapidly growing field. Topics in Biotechnology include: molecular and microbiology, genetics and DNA science. Forensic Science focuses on various aspects of modern criminal investigation analysis. Topics in Forensic Science include: ballistics, forensic DNA analysis, fingerprint and trace evidence interpretation, serology, and forensic anthropology. This course will provide students with the ability to apply learned concepts through scientific research and writing activities. Included in this course is an intensive laboratory program that utilizes equipment and computer technology to investigate the complexities of the topics covered.


  1. Apply critical thinking and decision making strategies to scientific problems.
  2. Actively engage in scientific inquiry.
  3. Construct and test ideas and perspectives to develop a sense of the meanings and uses of science in the modern world.
  4. Analyze and critique scientific writing, and hone scientific writing skills.


  • All assignments for this course must be turned in on time; no late work will be accepted.
  • Presentation and quality of work are critical, therefore all assignments must be prepared on computer unless otherwise specified..
  • Some assignments may overlap; you are responsible for managing your time!

Laboratory Activities- Laboratory write-ups and formal laboratory reports will be worth 40% of your marking period grade.

Research Projects/Presentations- Research projects, papers and presentations will be worth 35% of your marking period grade.

Homework/Class work- Homework and in class assignments will be worth25% of your marking period grade.