Bohnyak, Theresa

Ms Bohnyak

Biology and Environmental Science 


Here is what we will expect on a daily basis in addition to school rules and policies:


  • If I see a phone in class AT ALL, you will be written up
    You are absolutely, without a doubt, to have your COVERED book with you in EVERY class.
  • You are expected to have a notebook and folder, OR binder to keep your notes, handouts and tests organized.
  • You will need something with which to write in every class.  How you take your notes is your business, but anything handed in to me will be completed in either blue or black ink, or pencil if necessary.
  • You will sit in your assigned seat upon arriving to class ON TIME.
  • Homework is to be produced when I ask for it, not at the end of the period.  Put a heading/title on your HW in your notebook.
  • Anything that is in the book or discussed in class is information that is testable information.  Read your assigned material and be sure to copy someone’s notes if you are absent.
  • Under no circumstances are cell phones to be used as calculators.
  • You do not need, but will definitely use a set of colored pencils, markers or crayons.
  • A bibliography is to be included with anything you hand in that did not come from the book.  Copying and pasting is not acceptable to hand in as your own work.  This is PLAGIARISM and will not be tolerated.
  • I recommend that you keep a flash drive in your possession to be able to save and access your work and projects.  
  • No purses or book-bags may be kept on your desk.
  • Stay IN YOUR SEATS until the bell rings or I release you.


    CP: Test 40%
           Quiz 20%
           Lab's & Activities 35%
           Homework 5%
    Honor's: Test 60%
                  Quiz 10%
                  Labs & Activities 25%
                  Homework 5%


    **If any of the expectations cannot be met by you, like having a notebook for example, please see me one day after class so I can help you.