Mr. J. Peter Clark, Principal

Ms Rose Burtnick, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73002

Mrs. Suzan Ezdinli-Palazzo
Assistant Principal/Class of 2019, Supervisor of World Languages

Mr. Mike Kneller
Assistant Principal/Class of 2017, Supervisor of Social Studies
732-289-3700 x73048

Mrs. Patti Sierotowicz, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73026

Ms Amy Rafano
Assistant Principal/Class of 2020, Student Activities
732-289-3700 x73056

Mr. Aaron Speller
Assistant Principal/Class of 2018, Supervisor of Business and Industrial Technology/Fine Arts
732 289-3700 x73050

Mrs. Michelle Ameduri, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73045

Mr. Kevin P. Farrell, Director of Guidance
732-289-3700 x73018

Ms. Ann Rockenstein, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73021

Ms. Sue Baldini, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73014

Mrs. Kari Aloisio, Supervisor of Mathematics
732-289-3700 x73054

Mrs. Andrea LaMagra, Supervisor of Science
732-289-3700 x73049

Dr. Kayne Ellis, Supervisor of English
732-289-3700 x73052

Mrs. Patricia Van Langen, Supervisor of the Learning Center
732-289-3700 x73042

Mr. Louis Emanuel, Director of Athletics/Supervisor of Physical Education and Health
732-289-3700 x73008

Mrs. Sue Laffey, Secretary
732-289-3700 x73011

Mr. Jamie Egan, K-12 Supervisor of Music
732-289-3700 x73037

Mrs. Rebecca Petronko
Dean of Students
Class of 2017 and Class of 2020
732-289-3700 x73098

Mrs. Kate Bloemer
Dean of Students
Class of 2019 and Class of 2018
732-289-3700 x73089